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Program Formats

Cutting-edge education offered in a variety of delivery formats

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NC State Online and Distance Education program delivery formats include the following: online, hybrid (a mix of online and on-site), or face to face at remote locations (off campus).

The majority of our programs are delivered entirely online, but a few meet at off-campus locations (site-based distance education) and still others are delivered via a hybrid format, meaning that some of the program classes are delivered online and some are delivered through site-based distance education. All program listings are marked with an icon that symbolizes its delivery mode. Online programs are identified by a  icon, site-based programs are identified by a  icon, and hybrid programs are identified by a  icon in the program listings.

Most program courses are asynchronous, meaning students do not have to be online at any particular time. Some courses are synchronous, meaning the students and instructor connect online on a specified schedule. Regardless of delivery format, all online courses follow the same university calendar as on-campus courses, and you should expect to have specific due dates for class assignments and exams.

Course Delivery Descriptions

  • Fully Online – Interactive, Online, Flexible

Fully online programs are the fastest growing format of Online and Distance Education programs at NC State for the schedule flexibility they offer in coordination with the university academic calendar. Many online courses include lecture videos, activities and other media, accessed from NC State’s WolfWare website. Explore online programs

  • Hybrid – Blending Online and On-site

A hybrid course has content delivered both in class and online. The online content delivery may occur synchronously (all students meet online at the same time) or asynchronously (students log in to the course material on their own schedule). Face-to-face class meetings make up about 25% of the course hours. Explore hybrid programs.

  • On-site – Face-to-Face Programs

Some NC State Online and Distance Education programs are offered in a site-based, face-to-face format at locations remote from the NC State campus. These courses require attendance at exact dates and times. Explore onsite programs.